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GACCP members benefit from the relationships with insurance, healthcare and legal providers saving members money through these discounted programs.

Health Care Mutual Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Coverage for the Health Care Industry and Social Service Organizations
Health Care Mutual provides workers’ compensation coverage for assisted living facilities, developmentally disabled service providers, home care agencies, hospices, hospitals, nursing homes, social service organizations, and more.

Health Care Mutual was established in 1992 by providers concerned with the rising cost of workers’ compensation coverage and the poor service often received. Its purpose is to provide a stable and affordable source of quality workers’ compensation coverage for the members of the Georgia Association of Community Care Providers (GACCP).

Administered by Georgia Administrative Services, Inc., Health Care Mutual has a conservative management philosophy with an emphasis on personal service and long-term relationships. It is policyholder owned and governed by a policyholder elected Board of Directors. For more information or to request a quote, please visit

GACCP members that carry Health Care Mutual workers’ compensation coverage are eligible for a 70% rebate on your membership dues!


Employment Legal Services

GACCP Retainer Program

Constangy is honored to provide legal services in the field of labor and employment law in healthcare for GACCP members. As a firm you can call upon with expertise in the labor and employment law healthcare field, we are pleased to offer the following services as part of our retainer program:

GACCP Hotline: To provide day to day “arm chair” legal consulting related to labor and employment matters. These are calls we can respond to that do not require us to review documents or conduct legal research. Most of the phone calls we would receive from GACCP members would fall into the “arm chair” advice category. However, should legal research, reviewing of documents or providing further legal assistance become necessary, it would be billed beyond the retainer but at a reduced rate, which is 10% less than our normal rates, plus any out of pocket expenses.

Legal Updates for GACCP: Periodic legal updates for GACCP members on employment law related matters that are important to running your business.

For more information and to participate in the GACCP retainer program, click here.


The Georgia Association of Community Care Providers (GACCP) represents health care providers actively participating in Georgia Medicaid Waiver Programs such as ICWP, CCSP/SOURCE, NOW, and COMP Waivers.  The association provides networking and educational opportunities, exclusive benefits, and public policy representation with the Georgia Executive and Legislative Branches.

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